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Reviews for Tira.D.Toss in Doral and Loba in MiMo

This week in the world of restaurant reviews.

Food critic Zachary Fagenson calls the "slick, 60-seat Japanese-Peruvian" Tira.D.Toss a humble gem with a lengthy list of treats that, like the restaurant itself, hides in plain sight." He raves about chef Vassallo's Peruvian sushi.

He infuses just the right amount of ají amarillo, a peppery paste that's common in Peruvian cuisine, into velvety mashed potatoes that are cleverly wrapped around a pink cylinder of meaty tuna; then he rests them on slivers of creamy avocado. The cucumber spears mentioned on the menu would have added some crunch, but they were missing.

And also praises multiple other dishes like the chaufa, the ceviche and the lúcuma mousse.

Over on, food critic Jodi Mailander Farrell gives a two-and-a-half star review to Loba for "elevated home cooking." Though some dishes, like the "dry inside" MiMo Fried Chicken and "rock-hard" brownie, didn't cut it for Farrell others did well.

The seafood dishes we tried were stellar. A whole fried snapper special, topped with arugula, fennel, radishes and a light lemon vinaigrette, was delightfully crispy on the outside, its sweet interior meaty and juicy. Salmon, also topped with greens and crunchy vegetables, was delicately pan-seared and moist.

Ending on a fairly positive note, the critic writes that with "time and finesse" Loba could leave her "full of hope and desire."

· Doral Japanese-Peruvian Gem Tira.D.Toss Hides in Plain Sight [SO]

· 2.5 stars for Loba's elevated home cooking in MiMo []

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