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Reviews for Embarcadero 41 and Temple Street Eatery

Three-star Peruvian meals and comfort Asian food.


Food critic Victoria Pesce Elliot from raves about Embarcadero 41, a "Lima minichain" that "does it all - and it does most of it very well." VPE awards the Downtown fusion restaurant three stars and notes it has "staying power." Dishes worthy of a try, per the critic are the "tender" octopus tentacles,  "one of the smoothest and subtle" takes on the aji de gallina she's ever tried and a "perfectly rustic" lomo saltado. The appetizers seemed to be her favorites:

On multiple visits we found the appetizers better than most of the main courses. Outstanding ceviches topped the list with an equally recommendable array of tiraditos in bracingly acidic marinades and delightfully spicy sauces.

Finally, the critic also praises the desserts like "the delightful suspiro limeño, the poetically named sigh of a woman from Lima."

Over on Clean Plate Charlie, Sara Ventiera takes a look at a comfort Asian food restaurant, Temple Street Eatery. Delving into many of the offerings Veniera writes:

Japanese miso noodle soup is filled with pork belly, scallions, bean sprouts, seasoned egg, and either ramen or soba noodles. Rich and deeply layered, the homemade pork miso broth is simmered for eight hours daily.

That's a large part of what makes the fast-casual concept unique. Everything is made from scratch, in-house.

The critic also notes that for now the eatery is offering a blend of East meets West items, but hopes to eventually "incorporate more traditional items," into their fusion dishes.

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