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Reviews for R House in Wynwood and Madras Cafe in Pompano Beach

Some sugar and spice.

Facebook's food editor Evan Benn pretty painfully tears R House to shreds in yesterday's review. He gives the Rocco Carulli owned Wynwood eatery (that's already been open for about a year) a one-and-a-half star review. Between calling the menu "tired" and the service "as cold as the falafel," Benn spares nothing. He writes:

I'd rather eat a handful of sand than the gritty, flavorless clams in a seafood linguine, another Carulli signature dish. And what was supposed to be a coffee- and chili-rubbed short rib - also from Carulli‘s Edwige days - tasted like a salt bomb doused in soy sauce for bad measure.

One thing he did like was a "cooling and refreshing" yellowtail snapper ceviche and (minus its "devastating croutons") a heirloom tomato salad with manchego.

Clean Plate Charlie's Nicole Danna took it easier on the restaurant she visited. Though he says Madras Cafe "is short on service," she adds that it "delivers where it counts: on your plate." Danna notes:

At Madras Café in Pompano Beach, the specialty is South Indian cuisine, a distinctly different set of dishes. If tikka masala and tandoori are all you've ever known, the menu at Madras is a welcome departure from the usual.

Final verdict, despite appearances, "Madras offers some of the area's best southern Indian cuisine."