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Reviews for BLT Prime Miami and The Cook & The Cork

Two new restaurants score high points with the critics.

blt prime trump na

Food critic Victoria Pesce Elliot says Donald Trump's newest eatery, BLT Prime, "mostly sizzles." Though disappearing waiters, the presence of children and a couple of unimpressive items (like "stale," "tepid" coffee and steaks that "lacked flavor") disappointed, mostly everything else worked for the critic. Noting service was slow, VPE writes:

When appetizers did arrive, I was thrilled to sample one of the best crab cakes I have had in years. This thick, full-on meaty patty was draped in ribbons of shaved fennel and bracing chunks of lemon pulp, see-through coins of radishes and showered with piles of fresh dill, all resting in a deliciously rich aioli.

All in all, Elliot finds the food "mostly spot on" and advises only a "few tweaks" as well as a "service revamp."

Up in Coral Springs, The Cook & The Cork "delivers creative comfort fare," per food critic of Clean Plate Charlie Nicole Danna. Writes the critic:

Despite the artisanal touch, it's evident that the restaurant menu is inspired by the catering business. Many of them are familiar, please-everyone dishes that you might see on a wedding menu. But Blaushchild works his creative side, offering a tasty twist on each.

Danna praises dishes like the chicken and waffles, an otherwise sweet dish with a spicy kick, a well-presented lobster mac and cheese and foie gras served on mushroom brioche bread and multiple others.

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