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It’s that time of year again when the food world spins in a tizzy about fungus. But before you shave that gastronomic mushroom goodness onto your favorite dish, here are some tips from the chefs at Tamarina to get you started.

1. Truffles were discovered by the Greeks who considered them gifts from Jupiter and used them as an aphrodisiac.

2. The truffle is a hypogeum mushroom, it grows underground, absorbing all it’s nutrients from surrounding tree roots.

3. Truffle quality varies so check by shaving off a small piece. A good truffle will have a variety of shades on the inside as opposed to being one flat color.

4. To best enjoy the truffle, shave it on top your favorite meat, game, pasta or egg dish.

Now that you’re an educated forager, come test out your knowledge and see which one of their dishes pairs best with this delectable seasonal morsel.

For reservations call (305) 579-1888 or visit

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