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The 2014 Eater Awards for Miami

This year’s winners for restaurant of the year and more.

It is time now-drumroll, trumpets, gongs-to announce the winners of the 2014 Eater Awards. In over a dozen categories in 24 cities, the winners comprise a diverse group of the finest and most interesting chefs, operators, and characters in the continent that have defined this year in dining. We applaud them. You are hereby instructed to applaud them.

To recap, Eater's local editors in 24 cities nominated candidates for five major local categories: Restaurant of the YearChef of the YearBartender of the YearSo Hot Right Now Restaurant, and Stone Cold Stunner. Eater readers then voted to narrow the field to a final three in each category. From that final three, the Eater editorial team chose one to move forward and the braintrust got together to decide the national winners. Without further ado, here's who came out on top in Miami.

Eater Awards 2014

Restaurant of the Year

Nominees: Blackbrick Chinese, Finka Table & Tap, N by Naoe, L'Echon Brasserie, Michael Mina 74

Finalists: Blackbrick Chinese, L'Echon Brasserie, Michael Mina 74

Winner: Michael Mina 74

Chef of the Year

Nominees: Danny Serfer, Richard Hales, Brad Kilgore, Kris Wessel, Danny Grant

Finalists: Richard Hales, Brad Kilgore, Kris Wessel

Winner: Brad Kilgore

So Hot Right Now

Nominees: Niu Kitchen, Mignonette, Uvaggio, L'Echon Brasserie, Drunken Dragon

Finalists: Niu Kitchen, Mignonette, Drunken Dragon

Winner: Drunken Dragon

Bartender of the Year

Nominees: Josh Gonzalez, Julio Cabrera, Ashley Danella, Eddie Fuentes, Rob Ferrara

Finalists: Julio Cabrera, Eddie Fuentes, Rob Ferrara

Winner: Eddie Fuentes

Stone Cold Stunner

Nominees: Oolite, Shikany, Porfirio's Restaurant, Seasalt and Pepper, Ticety

Finalists: Oolite, Porfirio's Restaurant, Ticety

Winner: Ticety