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Flash Mob Picnic Party Dîner en Blanc Comes to Miami December 9

Bring your own food, drinks and table decorations to an unknown location and dine with a ton of strangers.

What began as a popular Parisian pop-up picnic and gained fame as it spread across the U.S., is now making its way to Miami. Meet Dîner en Blanc: a picnic attended by tens of thousands of white-clad diners who all signed up to bring their own food, drinks, tables, chairs and decor to an undisclosed (until two hours before dinner) location for some wining, dining and dancing.

According to their reps, the event, which first kicked off in Paris in 1988, now attracts more than 15,000 people each year. It's apparently so coveted that a reported 3,000 people were once on the New York waiting list. If you do get access to the picnic, don't plan on bringing paper plates or plastic cutlery. Guests are required to bring fine china, silverware and white tablecloths. As for attire, it's elegant and white from head to toe. Head over to their website for more information as well as member and wait list registration.