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Benchwarmers Closes its Doors Along with Bizerq

Five months after opening, Cesar Morales' closes both his new nightlife venues.

Wood Tavern owner Cesar Morales has closed his two very recently opened Midtown spots, Benchwarmers and Bizerq, citing, among other things, high rent. Both were opened only a few months ago. On Facebook, Morales released the following statement:

After a lot of going back and forth, I have come to the difficult conclusion that I must close Benchwarmers and Bizerq. There were numerous obstacles, frustrations and delays just to get the doors open. We were barely open a few months, yet it doesn't make business sense to keep going. In retrospect the business was doomed from the inception. I was over-confident in thinking any business could pay...

But not all is lost, at least not all fries are. The owner tells Short Order that so many people asked to have the fryer moved to Wood that he might just listen, bringing his selection of fries to his Wynwood mainstay.