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Reviews for Fez in South Beach and Tamarind in Deerfield Beach

Moroccan dishes, thai cuisine and sushi get high marks.

Claiming that Fez' Moroccan food is "a reason to reconsider Espanola Way," Short Order food critic Zachary Fagenson seems to dig the one year old restaurant. He compliments dishes like the eggplant dip baba ghanouj, the char-grilled octopus and more. Other items, like chickpea fries and the "cubes of sirloin in beef kebobs," he calls "less successful." As for the highlight of the menu, Fagenson notes:

The can't-miss dish here is the lamb tagine. A heavy shank is rubbed with garlic, cumin, and coriander, seared, and then roasted for three hours in a blend of pork, chicken, and beef stock ... It's not served with the traditional heap of couscous, but that's a fault you'll forget as you suck the bone marrow from its hold.

Over on Clean Plate Charlie, food critic Nicola Danna tries out the "perfect balancing act" of Tamarind in Deerfield Beach. After delving into the history of the restaurant that serves up both Thai food and sushi, she goes over several items and options on their "onerously large" menu. Final verdict: "in the land of spice and heat, it's best to experience Thai fare the way it was intended: with enough flavor to make you laugh, cry, and come back for more."

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