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Federal Judge Rules Miami River's Seasalt & Pepper Must Change Name

The seafood brasserie has until January 1 to make the switch.

Seasalt & Pepper
Seasalt & Pepper

Lawsuit-happy Miami River restaurant Seasalt & Pepper will have to remove the word "seasalt" from its name— as well as all signage, menus, and online mentions— before the end of the year. The seafood spot was sued in April by a Naples restaurant, Sea Salt, that trademarked its name in 2013.

Reports Naples Daily News:

The injunction came after the judge ruled last month that Seasalt and Pepper had violated the trademark, which would cause confusion and irreparable harm. The parties negotiated a confidential settlement involving some terms of his order and the judge incorporated the terms into the injunction.

Early this month, the team behind 200-seat Seasalt & Pepper is slated to open an adjacent restaurant and lounge with a patio, called Modern Garden. speculates— given that its sister restaurant will soon have to change its name— that Modern Garden might just take over the whole space. Got intel? Do send word through the tipline.

Seasalt and Pepper

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