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Pincho Factory Hialeah May Be Finally Opening Up Soon

Burger spot is aiming for a February open


Earlier this year, it was announced to much fanfare that Pincho Factory would be opening its third outpost in Hialeah in the former Koky's Barbecue Ranch location.

Well, fast forward almost nine months later and Hialeah residents are still waiting anxiously to get their toston burger fix. Due to the incredibly easy permitting process that Miami Dade County enforces the project got delayed serval months.

But by the looks of things, the process is finally moving along. Pincho Factory's co-founder Nedal Ahmad posted a photo on his Instagram account earlier this week with a contractor looking over the blueprint for the Hialeah location.

Ahmad tells Eater Miami that, "contractor says 8 weeks, plus any inspections and what not. So February looks good for now." Stay tuned for more details. [Instagram]