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Four Arrested For Assault At Big Bear Brewing in Coral Springs

After attacking a waiter, the diners were throwing chairs and Christmas ornaments

Big Bear Brewing Company
Big Bear Brewing Company

In rather unexpected news out of Miami suburb Coral Springs, four people were arrested yesterday at the Big Bear Brewing Company on charges of assault. The four were apparently part of a group of 13 people. When a dispute broke out over the group's bill, two members of the group began arguing with the waiter. A second employee, who hasn't been identified, stepped in to break up the fight, and was then beaten by the patrons with a glass.

According to one of the officers who arrived on the scene, "Following the attack, the defendants continued to cause disruption within the restaurant, throwing multiple items—chairs, glass mugs, and Christmas ornaments." Two other patrons were also arrested. The condition of the beaten employee is unknown.
—Patrick Hieger