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Vegans Rejoice! Seth Kirschbaum Makes His Return to Darbster

The vegan chef announces he will be returning to the helm of of the animal-friendly restaurant.

Photo Courtesy of CPC

Seth Kirschbaum recently announced his plans to return to Darbster as exectuive chef of their Boca Raton restaurant which opened in 2012. After having left the eatery's West Palm Beach location in 2011 to pursue plans of opening his own restaurant through a Kickstarter campaign, it looks like the vegan chef is ready to come back home. His new menu will focus on using meat and dairy substitutes to create inventive small plates, a progressive cocktail program, and weekly specials. Kirschbaum promised, "This time around I'd like to see Darbster become more of a vegan gastropub with a chef-forward menu and lots of fun stuff to eat. It's time to start getting people excited about vegan food again."