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Friends of Eater Pick 2014's Best Dining Neighborhood

See if your favorite neighborhood made the cut

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered the restaurant standbysbest newcomers, and 2014 in one word. Now it's time for the best dining neighborhood.

Want to chime in on your picks? Let us know in the comment section.

Q: What was the best dining neighborhood of 2014?

Matt Meltzer, Miami Editor of Thrillist

South of Fifth. You had some really solid spots like Tongue and Cheek get even better. Then Cibo, Porfirios, Il Mulino and Siena Tavern opened up, which are all great. You walk around now and you're like "Man, I can't believe they filmed Band of the Hand here."

Carla Torres, Miami New Times

Well, I live in Edgewater so I am biased because so many great places have popped up in the Wynwood/Edgewater/Midtown vicinity this year alone, like Mignonette. But also Kush, SHIKANY, Zak the Baker, Midtown Oyster Bar, and Fireman Derek's Pies. And that's leaving out staples like Gigi, Enriqueta's, Salumeria 104, Sugarcane, Sakaya Kitchen and now Blackbrick.

Gio Gutierrez, Executive Producer, Chat Chow TV

Miami Beach wins it hands down this year. From independent local favorites like Macchialina and Taquiza to hotel hotspots like The Edition’s Market & Matador, Bernstein’s at The Thompson to Lowe’s Lure Fishbar. Too premature to predict a dining resurgence in The Grove for 2015?

Steven S. Editor-In-Chief of The Chowfather

It's hard to beat the heavyweights of Brickell Key - Naoe, N, Azul and La Mar. But South Beach continues to prevail based on quality and depth.

Gabe Urrutia, Grey Goose Assistant Brand Manager

Sunset Harbour continues to deliver on dining.  Although there has been some changes, this neighborhood allows you to enjoy all different types of cuisine and a killer pizza at Lucali.

Olee Fowler, Eater Miami contributor

Just when I thought Miami Beach was out for the count, it came back with a vengeance this year. Between the chic new hotel restaurants like Seagrape and Matador Room, to cool local spots like Oolite and Drunken Dragon, Miami Beach has proved that it is clearly having a restaurant renaissance.

Ashley Brozic, Racked Miami editor and Eater Miami contributor

I've been crushing on the Upper East Side for months now. Between Loba, Mina's, and a whole string of other restaurants on my "To Try" list, I think this is one of Miami's most delicious yet unpretentious neighborhoods to dine in right now. On the same level is Sunset Harbour- between the Pubbelly block, Lucali, and Ice Box I'd say you can never go wrong.

Carissa Chesanek, Local Editor at Zagat Miami

Wynwood and Midtown was pretty busy as usual, and the Miami River District and Little Haiti started to boom too. Let's also not forget Sunset Drive's resurrection from the dead.