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Friends of Eater Recall Their Single Best Meals of 2014

Which meal stood out most?

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, and bloggers. We've already covered the restaurant standbystop newcomers2013 in one wordbest dining neighborhood, and the biggest dining surprises. Now it's time for the single best meal of the year.

Want to chime in on your picks? Let us know in the comment section.

Q: What was your best meal of the year?

Matt Meltzer, Miami Editor of Thrillist

Probably the rib sandwich from the Barbecue place next to Club Lexx in Opa Locka. They'll bring it to you in the club too, so that's an added bonus. I got a few weird looks from the strippers/patrons, especially from the bouncer when I offered him the rest of my sandwich on the way out. But, whatever, good barbecue is good barbecue. The dinner I had on the water at La Mar is a close second.

Carla Torres, Miami New Times

Wow I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night, so 365 days worth of food is a lot to swallow and remember. Off the top of my head what stands out is my recent meal at Twenty-Seven where I was served a plate of prawn heads that apparently they didn't know what to do with. That went over very well. Also La Mar, Mignonette, and NIU Kitchen all blew my mind in different ways. And while it's all coming back to me, the best meal of the year was probably at The Bazaar, which I got to try for the first time (I know, I'm a bad Spaniard). Jose Andres is a mad genius and I love it.

Gio Gutierrez, Executive Producer, Chat Chow TV

Lot of local great pop up dinners this year. Harry's Pizzeria Mozza Pop Up Dinner; Todd Erickson and Michael Pirolo’s Pumpkin Palooza; Jeremiah Bullfrog’s Pig5; The Federal’s Silence Of The Lambchops and Macchialina’s Bar Takeover series. We’ve also had the luxury of eating at many restaurants outside of South Florida but there really, truly is something special about Le Chique and Avance.

Steven S. Editor-In-Chief of The Chowfather

I was fortunate to enjoy numerous fantastic meals this year in Miami.  Danny Grant's "epic" Truffle Cobaya Dinner, An incredible 10 + course  tasting menu from Brad Kilgore & Antonio Bachour, a flawless Cobaya Dinner from Conor Hanlon and Josh Gripper at The Dutch and the fun Cobayapalooza dinner at Shikany which featured great dishes from Michael Shikany, David Sears, Diego Oka, Mathias Gervais, Timon Ballo, Danny Grant & Jill Montinola all deserve best meal of year recognition.

Honorable mentions to the Offal Dinner with Mike Pirolo, Nina Compton and Josh Gripper at Macchialina, the whole hog dinner feast at db Bistro Moderne and wonderful Cobaya dinners from Timon Balloo and Julian Baker.

Gabe Urrutia, Grey Goose Assistant Brand Manager

Lunch at Eleven Madison Park with friends and being served a fresh Miami Vice.

Olee Fowler, Eater Miami contributor

For my birthday this past Spring a group of us went to J&G Grill to celebrate. Brad Kilgore made an insanely delicious tasting menu with each dish somehow being better than the last. As icing on the cake (pun intended), J&G's pastry chef Antonio Bachour surprised me at the end of the meal with a custom made birthday cake. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Ashley Brozic, Racked Miami editor and Eater Miami contributor

Foie Gras at The Setai. I couldn't speak for twenty minutes because I'd literally hit nirvana.

Carissa Chesanek, Local Editor at Zagat Miami

Hands down, the Dok Boki rice cakes, hamachi with cashews and deconstructed-esque lobster roll at Drunken Dragon. Wow.

Kathy Buccio, Eater Miami contributor

I had the most out of this world dining experience at RED the steakhouse. I went to sample their Blue Alaskan King Crab and that was just the tip of the iceberg. The rib eye was mouth watering. The burrata was like butter and the king crab was so fresh. I literally rolled out of the joint.