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The Critics Love eCafe, Proof, Pinocchio, and Papa's Raw Bar, While Moyé Fails to Impress

This week, the critics take on a popular raw bar, a small Italian caffe, Apulian cuisine, and more.


The reviews are in and most are favorable. Here's a round-up of what the critics ate this week and what they would eat again.

Valerie Nekhim gives Moyé a lukewarm review: "Moyé's portions are surprisingly generous considering the fair prices. What's more, the elegant, white-washed space reflects Apulia's trulli -- traditional white stone huts with conical roofs. No, Moyé isn't gush-worthy, but almost everything here is good, and bottom line: It's about time Miami met Apulian cuisine." [Short Order]

Nicole Danna stops by Papa's Raw Bar and loves everything but the price tag: "Originally intended to be nothing more than a wine and raw bar, in the past seven months, Papa's has transformed into a sort of seafood gastropub. A raw bar first, the restaurant's claim to fame is its Badger's Char Grilled Oysters, fresh-shucked and char-grilled for a smokey, intense flavor. Served at market price, they're a perfect example of why it can be difficult to find a square meal on a tight budget at Papa's." [Clean Plate Charlie]

Holly Wachowicz falls in love with authentic Italian at Pinocchio Italian Deli & Caffe: "The perfect cup of cappuccino with quite possibly the best croissant on the Beach, that's what Pinocchio Italian Deli & Caffe is all about." [SO]

Valerie Nikhim praises Proof's casual ambiance and fresh take on Italian: "What Proof does best — and it's no small feat — is serve crowd-pleasing, flavorful food that's not cloying in the least. That is the chefs' mission, and they've nailed it. The 70-seat eatery also boasts a relaxed, warm ambiance with prices the youthful neighborhood can appreciate. Midtown didn't need an Italian restaurant; it needed Proof." [SO]

Carla Torres visits her new favorite Doral sub shop: "Open for breakfast and lunch, eCafe offers a small and succinct menu. Guave and cheese pastries, ham corquetas from Islas Canarias, pan de bono, and a Nutella croissant are all suitable for breakfast and fitting for the surrounding industrial area. The greatest hit of all time, however, is undoubtedly the Go H.A.M., which packs golden spheres of ham croquetas alongside provolone cheese, salami, romaine, tomato, onion, and banana peppers on sliced baguette." She also delivers a positive first look to Cleo, the new Mediterranean restaurant in South Beach's The Redbury. [SO]