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Reviews for Batch Gastropub; Indian American Restaurant

Unfortunately, Batch Gastropub didn't receive such a great review from Miami Herald food critic, Evan Benn. On the optimistic side, it sounds like Benn really wants to love Batch, but has a difficult time getting past the many out of shape dishes he mentions. Benn starts, "If Batch aspired only to be a bar, it would be a very good one" then goes on to list some inconsistencies in its "gastropub" department stating that it was mostly just the food that was off:

Batch's problems were confined to the kitchen. Friendly servers and floor staff are well-trained in hospitality and well-versed in Batch's menu. Danilo and Flynn put a lot of work into Batch's modern-meets-pubby design, and it shows. The place is cool for after-work drinks and polished for date nights. An innovative bar program features pre-mixed "batches" of cocktails, poured through a tap system for speed and consistency, as well as barrel-aged drinks and wines on tap.
On a final note, "As a fan of craft beer and creative pub grub, I want Batch to be better than it is right now," writes Benn, "The bones of the place are solid, and a strong chef could make it a real gastropub."

Sara Ventiera takes a trip to Indian American Restaurant in Davie saying it "is truly international." Several dishes and cuisines are named, but she notes that it's the "traditional South Asian dishes that are the reason to visit this eclectic eatery."
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Batch Gastropub

30 SW 12th St, Miami, FL 33130 305-808-5555