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38 Ultimate Miami Beauty Spots; Aventura Mall is Going to be Huge

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This week's juiciest fashion news from Racked Miami...
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1) EVERYWHERE: The denizens of Miami are no strangers to the beautification process, but every now and then it's nice to step out of our powdered up comfort zones and try something new. We've just wrapped up Racked Miami's first Beauty 38, where we've pinpointed some of the best hair and nail salons, beauty stores and other spots that can spruce you up faster than winter heats up down here.

2) AVENTURA: You may or may not need to wear comfortable walking shoes when traveling through the Aventura Mall of the future. The city has just approved plans for a three story expansion, which will be located between Macy's and JCPenney. In addition, they'll be building a parking garage with up to six floors of additional spots. For once, you may be able to find parking in places other than the rooftop of the Bloomingdale's garage during the holidays. Amen to that.

3) AVENTURA: Stein Mart wasted no time marking its territory in Miami. The Jacksonville-based retailer has planned a major ten store expansion this year, beelining its vision towards the former location of Loehmann's in Aventura. It's nice that we'll be granted another chance to dig into discounted brand name buys, but can Stein Mart live up to the legend of Loehmann's? Guess we'll find out in May.

4) EVERYWHERE: An exhilarating hunt for some, yet a chaotic nightmare for others, thrift shopping is a topic up for an endless debate. But before you go on a rant about the awful experience you had at Goodwill four years ago, check out these tips from Fiercely Thriftin's Veronica Canales, a blogger who can help you look like $1 million with only 50 cents.
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