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Eater Wants to Hear Your Pizza Delivery Horror Stories

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Next week, Eater sites across the country are dedicating an entire five days to the almighty, heavenly, and gloriously wonderful pizza. Here in the Magic City, we'll delve into Miami's most iconic pizzerias, we'll go behind the scenes and see who's making your favorite pies and we'll completely obsess about all and any pizza intel we can get our hands on.

Which brings us to this point: We need want your Delivery Horror Stories. Have an epic tale of a delivery gone wrong? Did a stranger-than-fiction delivery guy knock on your front door? Or perhaps some war stories from time spent as a delivery person in high school or college? Eater wants to hear them all. Particularly of interest: chefs who can dish about early jobs as pizza delivery men and women. Leave a comment or send a note to the Tipline.
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