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We've Got WMC Style Covered; Dwyane Wade is Cheating on Miami

Racked Miami on the latest fashion news...
Nervoo.jpgImage Via Mayleen Gonzalez

1) South Beach: Winter Music Conference has taken over our city, and with that comes a surge of style. 2014 has been the year of the pop-up, as Avicii and Afrojack both took over store sections to promote their own self-branded lines. And although the EDM scene is dominated by males, we were lucky enough to talk style and music with the scenes most fashionable duos, Nervo and Rebecca and Fiona.

2) Coral Gables: Peace Love World is giving us all a reason to be "Happy" this weekend. They're hosting their first sample sale at their Coral Gables flagship, away from all the Downtown and South Beach madness. They're marking down their prices between $30 and $80, and we have the entire scoop here.

3) Everywhere: We're all about spreading the local love, so this week we delved into the launch of RAZŌN, a Miami-based sunglass company that donates reading glasses to people who need them with the purchase of one of their wooden pairs of shades. We know what you're thinking: isn't that kind of like Toms? Yes, but is there anything wrong with investing in luxury for the greater good? We'll let you think about that one.

4) Everywhere: Dwyane Wade has cheated on Miami, but we're giving him a free pass. In his second collection for The Tie Bar, the fashionable Miami Heat stud has come out with sets of ties inspired by Memphis, Harlem, New Orleans and his hometown, Chicago. The bow ties and pocket squares are pretty snazzy, but Dwyane, don't let it happen again.
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