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38 Awesome Stores in Miami; 10 Sales To Shop This Weekend

Image Via The Webster
Image Via The Webster

1) Everywhere: Alright, so you've practically donated half your closet to thrift stores, consignment boutiques and whatever family members are deserving of those jeans you thought would last you forever but, alas, have not. Allow us to show you exactly 38 shopping destinations that are worthy of a visit, from luxurious flagships to budget friendly boutiques.

2) Everwhere: Without Christian Roth and Eric Domege, sunglasses would simply be an afterthought in your wardrobe, or at least we'd like to think so. The duo behind luxury eyewear brand Christian Roth sat down with us to talk about their 30 year reign in the eyewear industry, being inducted into the prestigious CFDA and why they chose Miami as their home base.

3) Everywhere: A little shopping never killed nobody, especially if that spree comes with a discount. From Aventura Mall to The Falls, we've jotted down ten sales for you to check out this weekend that won't make you break the bank.

4) Bal Harbour: Nicholas Kirkwood is officially open at Bal Harbour Shops, but only until September. This pop-up shop, designed by Mehrnoonsh Khadivi of Craftwork Studio, has a very spread out selection of shoes. Many of them are displayed in a minimalistic, beehive-like shelf suspended from the ceiling which, we might add, is strikingly cool.
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