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David's Cafe Shutters After 37 Years in Business

Photo via Facebook

The iconic, 24-hour David's Cafe, where most of us have had at least a few midnight coladas, is closing, reports Short Order. A couple of years back, the Lincoln Road location of David's closed because the owner was no longer able to afford rent, but It's not quite clear why this location has called it quits. The blog speculates that it might have to do with "the massive street construction that's taken over much of Collins Avenue's hotel strip between Fifth and 15th streets," which makes sense considering that "the restaurant's owners recently posted a complaint about the construction." Short Order has the full Facebook post as well as a brief statement from the owners, this way. David's is ending things on a positive note with a party on Sunday, April 20, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
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David's Cafe

1058 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL