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Reviews for 15 Steps and A La Turca

Eden Roc's new restaurant, 15 Steps seems "confused" to Short Order. In today's review, the blog writes, "[w]hen entering, you might even be unclear about where you are dining. The collage mural in the entry reads "1500 Degrees," but even though they are uncertain about the space, SO seems pretty clear about liking the food. Dishes praised include an "ultra-fresh" Atlantic wahoo, roasted Florida corn soup and gnocchi and black truffle ragout. But the halibut really stood out:

The entrée that exceeded all expectations was the pan-roasted halibut. The perfectly cooked fish was glazed and coated with toasted coriander seeds for a wonderful pop-in-the-mouth sensation. It was served in a soy and ginger broth with spicy greens, baby turnips, fresh asparagus cut into disks, and beet chips.
Short Order describes the seafood as "superior," but is underwhelmed with other aspects like "boxed lemonade, slapstick television, and recycled décor," which "in this locale with these prices ... detract from the overall impression." [SO]

Clean Plate Charlie food critic Nicole Danna writes that "A La Turca gives Hollywood a true taste of Turkish cuisine."

At A La Turca, the food is emblematic of the country's southeast region -- cities like Urfa and Adana -- where the kebab reigns supreme. Meat, spices, and olive oil are often an integral part of each recipe, and Istanbul native Ugur Unal is steadfast in ensuring each is prepared to exacting standards.
Many of A La Turca's dishes are raved about including a falafel platter, kebabs and lamb dishes. Desserts don't leave CPC wanting either - they write that "the sakiz pudding extends the escape to the Mediterranean for one more dish." [CPC]
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