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Rare Beers, Homemade Sausage and More at The Mighty

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Photo Courtesy of The Mighty

After a long while, The Mighty is finally ready to open. The duo behind the new pub, Ryan and Esti Brooks, tells us they'll be open sometime this May. Esti says, "it took us a bit to tweak the recipes and get everything right, as we do make everything in our own kitchen," adding that "we're not just grinding and stuffing sausages, we're also pickling, curing sauerkraut, grinding our own spices, and as of last week, successfully smoking our own bacon." Putting everything together on their own was also probably time consuming. Esti notes a lot of The Mighty's making was a DIY project, "we took the 'craft' thing so seriously, we even made our own rosewood charcuterie boards, tables and cabinetry from scratch." Take a look at the food and drink menus below.

Food Menu

Drinks Menu

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