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Miami's Best Shoe Stores; Three Local Eco-Chic Brands

This week's fashion news complete with shoes galore, from Racked Miami...
Addict_Bal_Harbour_Shops_About_Us_-_08.jpgImage Via Addict

1) Everywhere: For every occasion there is a pair of shoes, and for every pair of shoes, there is a perfect store. Headed to a gala event? Perhaps a pair of Roger Vivier stilettos will do the trick. Yachting this weekend in St. Tropez? Imagine slipping into a pair of Tod's. Trampeling through dive bars at the Grove? $40 wedges are pitcher proof... ok, maybe they're just tossable. Either way, this list will tell you where to get 'em, although you'll have to decide where to wear 'em.

2) Coral Gables: Miami is saturated with modern home design stores; just walk up and down a block in the Design District. So when we find one that's survived four decades of Miami's ups and downs, we give it our undivided. Luminaire opened in 1974 and is home to an impressive repertoire of hard-to-find brands, so we sent in our resident Miami expert to scope it out and see if the Luminaire legend really lives up to its name.

3) Everywhere: Alright, so Miami doesn't have a rep for being a "green" city, unless you count the foliage. Even so, there are a few key players in the fashion field who are using eco-friendly ways to make jewelry and clothing. We scoped out a few in lieu of Earth Day and got to the root of their emerging brands, pun maybe intended.
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