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Seasalt and Pepper Is All Over The Place

Looks like the recently opened Seasalt and Pepper has run into a whole bunch of problems. Not only is owner Stephane Dupoux suing partner Carlos Miranda, but apparently, the restaurant "is also embroiled in a legal battle with its investors," according to Short Order. writes that the Dupoux lawsuit states the following:

Miranda, who by virtue of a resolution purports to have management rights in Seasalt, has made a series of decisions which fundamentally alter the restaurant concept, compromise the restaurant's reputation and image, and undermine the restaurant's future success.
The drama doesn't end there though. According to SO, Miranda isn't happy with Dupoux either, and neither are the chef, the kitchen staff or lawyers who "have sought to ban Dupoux from coming into the restaurant, while Dupoux is suing to have a third party appointed to temporarily run the business."

As for the the lawsuit against the investors, the restaurant's lawyer, Robert Zarco, says that's one thing the co-owners do agree on. The investors wanted to "change the restaurant's loan terms" after seeing how successful the restaurant was, which apparently didn't sit well with Seasalt and Pepper. Oddly, and convoluting this whole story a little more, the restaurant has appointed one of the investors, Yunexy Eloy, as "corporate secretary" now that Dupoux has been "stripped of his roles." Let's see where this goes.
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