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David Blonsky Joins Burt Rapoport at Upcoming Apeiro

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{Photo Credit: Lindsay Cavanaugh]
{Photo Credit: Lindsay Cavanaugh]

Chicago-based chef David Blonsky has left his position as corporate chef at DineAmic Group (behind spots like Siena Tavern and Bull & Bear) to start his own restaurant in partnership with restaurateur Burt Rapoport. The eatery, called Apeiro, will be located in Delray, as previously reported, and will offer "inviting and understandable" Mediterranean cuisine, says Blonsky."We'll focus on the coast of Spain, hitting Southern Italy, Greece, shooting around into Portugal a little bit and just making fun Mediterranean food, utilizing a lot of the local growers that are in Florida and a lot of the wonderful fish that we have down here," adds Blonksy.

As for why the chef left his six-year Chicago post, Blonsky tells us he was simply ready for a change, that he misses living in Florida and that he wanted to get back to what makes him happy. The chef notes that this isn't his only South Florida venture. Apeiro will be located in Delray, but he hopes to expand the concept, as well as open up a few entirely different projects in a few more locations. The chef tells us, "It's exciting. It's obviously a fantastic restaurant group. Our partner Burt is fantastic and provides the whole infrastructure for the company. I'll bring my culinary skills from Chicago down here and we'll make something fun." Blonsky notes Apeiro is still slated for a November/December opening, so stay tuned for more details and an official opening date.
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