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Reviews for Naked Taco and The Keg on Sixth

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates

Ralph Pagano's new(ish) restaurant at Dream South Beach, Naked Taco, gets a two-and-a-half star review from food critic Jodi Mailander Farrell. The restaurant, which opened in the former Serafina space about three months ago, "flashes back to South Beach of the early 1990s, when drag queens and foam parties dominated an unchecked scene" with its "naughty campiness," writes Farrell.

As for food offerings, Farrell names her favorites:

Florida lobster with tequila-lime butter, corn salsa and red cabbage; barbecue-style lamb with mint yogurt; deep-fried cauliflower with spicy chile garlic and avocado crema; and fried chicken with melon, mint and chipotle ranch dressing.

Along with traditional soft corn or flour taco shells, diners can go "naked" and choose a lettuce wrap instead (welcome to today's South Beach). Homemade gelato, caramel flan, churros, Mexican chocolate mousse and specials like the coconut tres leches are enjoyable sweets to end a meal.

But other than providing Mexican dishes and an abundant amount of liquor, Pagano's latest spot might be onto something new. Writes Farrell, "In South Beach, he may have carved an affordable niche out of the pricey hotel-restaurant scene. Stay tuned." []

"The global comfort fare has a strong focus on preparing everything in-house, from scratch," writes food critic Sara Ventiera about The Keg on Sixth's menu. Ventiera also makes sure to note there are lots of healthy options as well.

Although much of the menu consists of new takes on typical bar food (with plenty of gut-busting options), healthier and vegetarian alternatives also exist. The flatbread salad is exactly as it sounds, a salad you can eat with your hands. A thin crust is topped with a layer of herbed cheese and piled high with delicate mixed greens, caramelized onions, mango, avocado, and oven-dried tomatoes in a bright-lemon vinaigrette. It's light yet bursting with flavor.
Of course there are also some burger options (apparently a best-seller on the menu) like "The Turkey Juicy Lucy," which is "stuffed with creamy Brie and topped with roasted tomato and sugary caramelized onion." "If the menu sounds all over the board, that's because it is," assures Ventiera after naming a concoction of all sorts of dishes. The owners hope "to cater to a wide range of customers, from local beer geeks to workers from nearby Port Everglades to airline and yacht crews." [CPC]
· 2.5 stars for Ralph Pagano's Naked Taco in Miami Beach []
· The Keg on Sixth Is on Trend and Off the Beaten Path [CPC]

Naked Taco

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