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Bridal Overload for Racked Weddings Week ; ZARA Flagship Shadily Opens

Image Via Sasha's Bridal
Image Via Sasha's Bridal

1) Everywhere: Clear the church isle; we've just wrapped up Racked Miami's first annual Wedding's Week! We've got over 15 stories related to everything nuptials, from where to throw the best bachelorette bashes (LIV not included) to the most scenic wedding venues around town. We rummaged Miami's oldest bridal boutique, and unravelled a new wave of buying consigned designer gowns. Say "I Do" to more wedding goodness, and don't forget the borrowed and blue.

2) South Beach: ZARA is officially open on Lincoln Road! But apparently, no one knew. Set in the historic art deco-inspired 420 building on Lincoln Road, this particular store is a big freaking deal for the brand, so why are they being so shady about it? There isn't even a sign out front- NOT EVEN A SIGN! We're working on getting to the bottom of this, but for now, here's what we've got.

3) Downtown Miami: "I have to do some shopping at Bayside," said no local ever. Could it be the lack of attention-grabbing stores? The not-up-to-par-with-the-new-Miami aesthetic of the place? Whatever it may be, the future SkyRise tower, with its virtual theater, bungee jumping chords and view of Key Largo, may change all that. If it has to share a property with Bayside and attract millions of tourists, the retail complex has a lot of fixin' up to do.
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