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King James' Castle; Gloria Estefan Is Building A Skyscraper

All the latest from Curbed Miami...

1) Coconut Grove: The Heat and the Spurs are duking it out in the NBA Finals, but when he's not going reigning on the basketball court, 'King' LeBron James holds court at his 10,000 square foot Coconut Grove waterfront manse.

2) Downtown: Here ye, here ye, Miami's new, much anticipated Museum Park opens tomorrow. The last 14 years—which was how long it took to plan and build the place—almost ended with it being partially replaced by a soccer stadium. But alas, common sense prevailed, the soccer stadium will go somewhere else, and Miami will have a simple, but great new downtown park tomorrow.

3) Downtown: Okay, okay, the soccer stadium isn't being built in the park anymore, but hypothetically, if it was, here's one architect's proposal for how to do it that's creative, so say the least.

4) Downtown, again: The legendary singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, the also legendary but for other things, Emilio, are building their own skyscraper. It's going to have a restaurant, a hotel, a parking garage, and a rooftop pool, and it'll basically be one giant party.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]