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Try Spam Sushi at Franken Food Truck Miami This Week

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Spike TV's new competition series, Frankenfoods, featuring chef Josh Capon and actor/restaurateur Tony Luke Jr., airs June 22, and to help spread the word (and give people a chance to taste a few of the oddities that will be on the show), the Franken Food Truck will tour Miami all this week. As for what exactly "frankenfood" is, their website describes it as "revolutionary culinary creations that mash up original and unexpected food combinations" a.k.a. extremely weird food concoctions. This means, when you hunt down the food truck, you'll be eating things like spam sushi, mango habanero lollipops, bacon wrapped hot dog eclairs, braised pork belly s'mores, and more. Check out where and what time to find the truck over here.
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