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Meet Fork & Balls, Fort Lauderdale's New Meatball Mecca

Tomorrow marks the opening of The Restaurant People's newest offering, a good humored meatball-centric eatery in Fort Lauderdale called Fork & Balls. TRP's founder Tim Petrillo opted for his new spot to be something more laid-back, but Fork & Balls will keep up with the after hours offerings of his other venus (like Yolo and S3) with live music and a variety of special events.

As for the food, whether made of lamb, fish or turkey, it's meatballs galore, though the menu does also include a variety of salads, sliders and sandwiches. But before you satisfy each and everyone of your heart's meatball desires, as well try out all 20 varieties of draft wines Fork & Balls offers, here's a look inside, and some advice on what to do when you come to a fork in the road:

F&B Exterior.jpg
F&B View 3.jpg
F&B View 4.jpg
F&B View 1.jpg
F&B View 2.jpg
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[All Photos Courtesy of Cortney Cates]

Fork & Balls

301 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale