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Meet Bake House, Red Ginger AND Don Diablo, Menin Hospitality's Three New Concepts

Logo Courtesy of Red Ginger

In an interview on Radio Bar's one year anniversary, managing partner of Menin Hospitality Jared Galbut announced not one, not two, but THREE new concepts: Bake House, Red Ginger and Don Diablo, all rolling out sometime in the next year. Partnering with the Menin Hospitality team will be chef Bernie Matz (formerly of Bernie's L.A. Cafe, the cafe at Books & Books and The Meatball Joint), who's on board designing menus for all three of the upcoming restaurants. When asked how he feels about joining the group, Matz tells us, "I'm thrilled! I'll be working alongside a group of young and accomplished individuals, each really good at what they do." As for his take on the restaurants, Matz says Red Ginger is "a necessity for the neighborhood," "Bake House will offer a cool 'big city' local bakery and coffee house concept," and "Alton Road should be as excited as I am about Don Diablo," adding that the concept will focus on "Mexican street food favorites with a modern South Beach influence, but we've expanded the offerings and got a little dangerous with it." Below, here's everything we know about all three concepts so far:

The Lowdown on Bake House:
· Is a fast-casual, French Brasserie
· Bernie Matz is creating a menu of classic French items with a Cuban twist
· The restaurant will also act as a shop/bakery
· Two display cases at the front will have a fresh selection of cheeses, meats, pastries and more for guests to purchase to-go.
· Bake House will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

South Beach's New Red Ginger:
· Menin Hospitality's first venture into a higher end Asian hybrid concept between Thai and Japanese
· There will be a sushi bar and classic Thai dishes galore
· They'll have what Galbut hopes to be "one of the best sake selections that you'll see in Miami"
· And Japanese whiskey

And The Dangerous Don Diablo:
· Bernie Matz will also be in charge of the food here
· "The front is going to be an amazing street taco concept," says Galbut with classic, Mexican street food
· It will be open as late as the city allows
· The back of it will be a local bar/lounge
· It will be located on West Avenue between 16th and Alton

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