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Biscayne Home Brew Milling Up Some Creativity in MiMo

Walk into the newly opened Biscayne Home Brew, and you'll see boxes and boxes of grains, an ol' timey steel grain mill, a bevy of supplies, and a modest bar in the minimal white space. But if you're into beer, you're going to find everything you want here. Customers can already sample owner Aaron Busch's delicious and creative homebrews at the bar, while he explains exactly what's in them and how they were made.

Aaron Busch, on the surface, is a humble and genial North Carolina dude, but inside that exterior lies a wealth of knowledge about meats, flavors, brewing, cooking, and just about anything culinary. He honed his skills managing various top North Carolina restaurants, until taking his talents to South Beach. He has managed the Wyndam on South Beach, was chef de partie at Gotham Steak and chef de cuisine at the trendy Blue Collar. But he's always been interested in creating the best beer. This is what made him decide to open a spot like Biscayne Home Brew. "I love beer, and being a chef, it kind of goes hand in hand," Busch tells us, "I've always liked to create, but I appreciate a good beer, as opposed to just throwing things into a beer because they sound like cool ingredients. A good ale, a good stout, an imperial what-have-you. I like flavor; and that's what this is all about."

He's partnered with David Lockshin, a long-time beer distributor in Ohio who owns his own brew store in Costa Rica.

When asked why he decided to start a brewery in the MiMo part of Miami, Busch said, "I used to brew in North Carolina, and I started to brew in Miami. I had to travel about an hour either north or south to the closest beer stores. There's Bx Beer Depot up north in West Palm and Daddy Brews down south and that's it. So we're right in the middle of the two, near Midtown, and we're gonna try to bring up this neighborhood." Busch adds that "this Biscayne Boulevard area isn't historically the best area, but it's been on the up-and-up, and we're going to be part of that." He does hope that spots like this will help improve the area, which has, as of late, been getting quite a bit of investment in retail and condominiums.

Biscayne Home Brew offers a multitude of brewing supplies such as malts, hops, and live yeast, but homebrewing is only one part of the vision. Once the store gets the proper licensing - within the next week, supposedly - they will be selling a selection of international craft beers at the bar as well. In the future, they plan to eventually also host brewing classes.

They store also just began working with local bakeries around Miami to re-purpose their used yeast and grains for breads and pastries.
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—Jonathan Peltz

Biscayne Home Brew

7939 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL