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Reviews for Kuluck Persian Restaurant & Lounge and 1826 Restaurant & Lounge

Food critic Carina Ost writes that the four-story 1826 Restaurant & Lounge is "magnificent on multiple levels." Though underwhelmed with the "less than perfect" Florida Shrimp, Ost praises multiple dishes including the artichokes barigoule and gnocchi and the "stronger" meat dishes.

The finely chopped, dry-aged beef in a tartare mixed with red onion and celery root was scooped into mini-cornets with horseradish cream on the bottom. These four tiny cones were carnival-like. It was hard to resist biting the pointy bottom to suck out the cream, as you might do with the fudge at the bottom of an ice-cream Drumstick.
The "exceptionally tender" short rib also caught her attention, as did a passionfruit semifreddo. "Drinks, on the other hand, are lacking" she writes, "unimaginative and unimpressive." Even so, Ost ends on a very positive note: "The pacing of the meal and the bar program may be off, but the food, presentation, and decor are spot on."

Sara Ventiera says the "true family-run" Kuluck Persian Restaurant & Lounge is a "sensory tour of the Arab world."

On any given weekday during lunch, the intimate space at Kuluck Persian Restaurant is packed with a wide mix of people speaking in a cacophony languages, both familiar and foreign. Middle Eastern women with loosely wrapped head scarves chat in Arabic or Farsi, men in yarmulkes converse with their wives in Hebrew, sunburnt Canadian tourists in shorts and T-shirts discuss travel plans, and tables filled with men and women in business suits can be overhead hashing out contracts.

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1826 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 305-763-8860