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Cool New Tables And Lots of New Dishes at HaVen

Photo Courtesy of HaVen

Chef/partner Todd Erickson recently announced some changes at HaVen Gastro Lounge including new seating and a lot of new food. "The concept for HaVen hasn't changed," Erickson says. But new design elements, along with 21 new additions to the menu, now offer the opportunity for a "more 'traditional' dining experience." While HaVen's very well known for its late-night dining, Erickson and co-owner Mike Boles wanted to make sure the restaurant would also stand its ground during earlier hours. To do this, Boles has replaced HaVen's low-slung cocktail-style tables with custom hydraulic matte ones that raise and extend to regular height during the day, making it easier and more comfortable for guests to sit and enjoy a full meal, and lower to lounge height in the evenings.

As for menu changes, new additions include a new "X-TRA" with meatless options like "Cool Ranch Edamame" ($6), "Little Devils" ($8), "Black Garlic and Chive Drop Biscuits" ($7) and "Cauli-polonaise," roasted whole cauliflower topped with a fried egg, parsley, rye and black truffle butter ($11). New seafood and meat selections include macadamia lobster and Bangkok tiger shrimp, fried quail, sausage and an array of "boutique" burgers. They've also rolled out a few new desserts. Not all has changed though, HaVen assures menu favorites like the "Crackle Pop" roll are here to stay.
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