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Miami Has Uber, Finally; Miami's New Starchitecture

Photo via State Archives of Florida: Florida Memory

1) Downtown: The boat slip where soccer king David Beckham wants to build his new soccer stadium in Downtown Miami happens to be the last remnant of Miami's first port. Historian Seth Bramson recounts the slip's long history.

2) Everywhere: Miami finally has Uber because, after a year of lobbying and petition against very pro-taxi anti-everything else and getting nowhere, they just went ahead and launched.

3) Everywhere: A flurry of major new starchitect-designed projects is coming to Miami, from Zaha Hadid's first tower in the western hemisphere, to a neighborhood of big names being put together by developer Allan Faena. Lots of names in lights, this way.

4) Downtown: With Beckham's plan for the boat slip in the news, here's another totally different idea for the slip that somebody thought of back in 2007: an urban surf pool.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]