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Oldest House On The Market; Floating Luxury Villas For Miami

1) The Redlands: Right now, the oldest house on the market in South Florida is the fully restored Charles Graham House, built in 1907 in the Redlands, and with a homestead claim signed by non other than Theodore Roosevelt himself. Lots of photos, this way.

2) North Miami Beach: New York City maybe New Amsterdam, but Miami's getting some good old Dutch ingenuity in the form of a seafaring suburb of multi-million dollar private floating islands. The Amillarah Private Islands will have boat slips, beaches, pools, and a full size villa on each of the 30 'islands'.

3) Western Miami-Dade: Speaking of suburbs, living out in the western 'burbs of Miami could be killing you. Yep, compared to the relative 'walker's paradise' of Miami's urban core, going out west means driving everywhere, and by extension not walking. Doral, Kendall, and all those places can be totally bad for your health, according to a University of Miami study just out.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]

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