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Revamped Menu at Buns & Buns

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Photo Courtesy of Buns & Buns

There are changes a plenty to the Buns & Buns menu. A few weeks ago, the 6-month-old South Miami restaurant quietly released an (almost) brand new menu, complete with a different layout and pricing structure. The cause behind the change? According to the restaurant's Executive Chef Reuven Sugarman guests of Buns & Buns were having a lot of confusion with the menu, expecting the fast-casual restaurant to be a "sandwich shop."

While bread is still very much the star, Sugarman wanted to give the customers what they were looking for, which is why he added the Loaded Bun section to the menu with the Knife & Fork Burger ($8.49), Chicken Bun ($8.89) and the BBQ Pulled Pork ($8.89). "It was a big move for us, but now I feel we are closer to the concept," Sugarman added.

The restaurant also streamlined the menu downsizing it and making it easier to read, "the smaller menu allow us to execute better and provide better service," Sugarman pointed out. Other new additions to the menu include Sesame Chicken Salad ($10.89), Fried Rice ($5.59) and the much-requested French Fries ($4.49).

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5748 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL