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Juan Valdez Coffee Shop Opening on Monday

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Image Via Juan Valdez
Image Via Juan Valdez

There are few logos that trigger an instant brand recognition like that of the yellow Juan Valdez coffee logo. The company that put Colombian coffee in the households of people all over the world has added another concept to its coffee empire: stand-alone coffee shops, with the first Downtown Miami store officially opening its doors Monday, July 28.

This coffee shop will be part coffee, part ode to its native Colombia, according to Edwin Garcia, corporate marketing director for Juan Valdez. The store will serve four different types of Colombian coffee from very distinct regions around the country prepared two different ways. And just how certain wines go better with certain dishes, the same is true for coffee according to Garcia. That is why each coffee region will have a specific suggested food pairing offered at the store.

The shop will also serve various Colombian pastries and smoothies, along with a retail component offering coffee makers and ground coffee for guests brew at home.

This location marks the rather large expansion plans Juan Valdez has for Miami, and Florida overall. By the end of 2014, Juan Valdez intends to open four to five more coffee shops in the Miami area, according to Garcia, and in the next five years have 60 stores in the state of Florida, to add to its list of more than 300 coffee shops around the world.
—Olee Fowler
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