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Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse, Boca's New Raw Eatery

Rendering Courtesy of Apura

This August, Boca Raton will get a super healthy new juicery and coffeehouse called Apura. Once it opens, the eatery will offer cold-pressed juices, cold-brewed coffee and plant-based dishes built around owner Susan Mussaffi's personal philosophy and the principles of raw veganism. "Mussaffi hopes to appeal to all types of guests by translating popular, recognizable dishes into raw iterations that make the experience an enjoyable discovery for all," writes a press release. Menu items at Apura (which means "unfired" in Greek) will range from chia pudding and raw oatmeal for breakfast to faux sushi, various salads, faux noodle dishes and other entrees for lunch and dinner. If you're thinking this is all only for vegans, Mussaffi says "Apura isn't just for vegans or raw vegans," adding that there are health benefits to eating this way that no one can deny; "even if customers dine here one day a week, they're taking an important step to improve their health."
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