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And Now, It's Time For The Five Days of Meat

A new theme week is upon us, this one dedicated to the meat-loving, bacon-hoarding, steak-devouring carnivores out there: Eater's The Five Days of Meat. From now until Friday, July 11, Eater sites across the nation will be obsessing over steakhouses, butchers, burgers, meatballs, meats on sticks and hoards of any other protein-abundant thoughts you can think of.

Today on Eater Miami, prepare for a map of the city's most iconic meat dishes. Later in the week, we'll have interviews with butchers, maps of the craziest, weirdest meat dishes around and a whole lot more. Adieu for now, veggies.

Like always, feel free to drop in with any and all meaty intel you might have. Share your thoughts in the comments or shoot us an anonymous email via the tipline. Let The Five Days of Meat Begin!