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Reviews for Oolite and Manna Restaurant

Food critic Zachary Fagenson offers a very detailed look at chef Kris Wessel's newest venture, Oolite, in this week's review. He notes the Floridian influences all throughout Wessel's gluten-free menu, and his attention to flavor and health in what Fagenson calls a "delectable jaunt."

The best part of the meal comes at the end. After dessert is polished off and the bill is settled, you don't yearn for more. You're not half-full from a rabbit's diet of green vegetables, and there isn't a hint of longing for more sophisticated, satiating flavors.
"For a gluten-free restaurant, dessert can be the most precarious course," writes the critic, but notes that this is not the case as Oolite where pastry chef Pamela Wasabi does a kickass job with her renditions. [SO]

"Young [Kho] and her husband, Tae, opened the doors four years ago to their modest eatery, Manna Restaurant, on State Road 441," writes Clean Plate Charlie's food critic Sara Ventiera. After describing multiple dishes and their background, she ends her review with a quote from Young: "When people come in and they're tired and you see excitement on their faces when they eat, it makes us happy. When a customer is happy, we're happy." [CPC]
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· At Oolite, Kris Wessel Takes Florida's Culinary Influences on a Healthful, Delectable Jaunt [SO]
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