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Steam Miami Opens in Former Vagabond Space

Photo Courtesy of Steam Nightclub

Oh Vagabond, your wild party animals cringe a little each time they remember you've closed, but on the bright side, Steam Miami is about to open where you once had your glory days and all will be okay. This upcoming weekend, the new club will launch with a VIP preview on Friday, August 15 and by Saturday they'll be open to the public. Here's everything you need to know before you check it out:

· It's described as "a community nightclub experience with interactive performances by eccentric characters, inspired by film noir" where "guests should expect the unexpected."
· It's anti the "predictable Miami mega-club experience."
· Design elements are reminiscent of an Industrial Revolution era factory. Intented to "provoke, captivate and perplex club-goers with a talented cast of actors and performers."
· There will be multiple live performances each night with a variety of different "characters" like The Bouncer, The Sad Clown, The Seductress and The Nuns.
· Who "will encourage guest interaction, including intimate one-on-one shows in
small "secret rooms."
· It's open Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
· All Coverage of Coming Attractions [EMIA]
· Steam Miami [Official Website]

Steam Nightclub

30 NE 14th St Miami, FL 33132

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