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3 Stars For Touche; Take OTC's Craft Beers Home

DOWNTOWN MIAMI — Carla Pellegrino's rooftop restaurant at E11EVEN, Touche, gets high marks from food critic Victoria Pesce Elliot, who gives it a three star review. "Don't miss Pellegrino's outstanding meatballs," she writes. Her overall impression of the menu seems to be that it's "not terribly inspired but expertly executed." []

BRICKELL — As of yesterday, OTC's endless rotating craft beer menu now offers their beers to go with 32-ounce growlers for an entry fee of $10. Pay the one time fee for your first growler (plus the cost of the beer) and every time you come in the growler will be cleaned and refilled with your craft beer of choice. Boom. Growlers are available daily. [EaterWire]

BRICKELL — Batch Gastropub is about to launch "80's, 90's and Today," late night Saturdays (from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.) Starting this Saturday, they'll be "mixing together leg warmers, pop music and hashtags to bring you a unique late night experience every one will love," writes a press release. The nights will be complete with throwback tunes, $5 cocktails, pop-rocks and nostalgia. [EaterWire]

Batch Gastropub

30 SW 12th St, Miami, FL 33130 305-808-5555


1250 S.Miami Avenue CU #4, Brickell, FL 33130 305-374-4612