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The Early Word on Lokum Mediterranean Grill

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Photo via Facebook

Though their website says they're not yet open and their Facebook profile is the above "coming soon" photo), Lokum is definitely serving. Their Facebook page beckons guests to come in, and reviews go to show they've been gaining a little traction with mostly positive feedback. South Beach's newest Mediterranean restaurant offers Greek and Turkish food that some reviewers call "excellent" and "authentic." Check out what people are saying so far.

The Best Ever News: One Yelper says Lokum has "The best Turkish food ever." As for why, he notes that the owners informed him "former Mandolin prep chef Alaattin and grill chef Ilyas is working at this restaurant," which makes it "good" and less costly. [Yelp]

The Caring News: Also mentioning that Lokum's kitchen mastermind is the former executive chef at Mandolin, this reviewer raves about how how much the team cares. "They care about their food...They care about their space...And they care about their customers," he writes. He also notes "the place is so clean you could eat off the floor," and assures he'll be back for more. [Yelp]

The Lackluster News: Though this Yelper didn't actually eat, he notes the conclusions of his fellow diners: "The overall consensus was that the food was lackluster." Disappointing were the dressing, dry falafel, lack of freshness and lack of hummus. He does end his review on a hopeful notes, "Who knows, maybe there will be a shift as the place settles in."

The This Is Actually South American Food News: Still on Yelp, one man has a lot to see about the restaurant's true identity. "The meat is nowhere near Mediterreanean, but rather churrasco, definitely South American style beef, which makes it quite interesting and original, gotta admit, not bad at all," he writes. He notes that he'd come back if it weren't for the "steep prices," and advises that Lokum "drop the pretense" and not "mix Breakfast at Tiffany's with ballpark ketchup and mustard." [Yelp]

The Free News: Another Yelp commenter had a great time at the new eatery. "I had a gyro, it was the best I've ever had," he writes. Adding that service was fast and staff was "excellent." Bonus points: "When we asked for the check they told us that since they just opened, it was all complementary. I was very impressed, I've never experience this at any restaurants grand opening." [Yelp]


1629 Alton Rd Miami Beach, Florida

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