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Reviews for L'Echon Brasserie and Beauty & The Feast

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates

Food critic Zachary Fagenson notes the Pubbelly Boy's latest opening, L'Echon Brasserie, is "a glimpse of what's to come." He writes:

L'echon is the both the beginning of a new chapter and a big test for the blossoming restaurant group. There are plans to open restaurants on Miami's mainland soon. And the company recently announced it would open four places across Mexico, from Monterrey to Mexico City. It's clear the Pubbelly formula is successful, but there is a risk of repetition and uniformity with such breakneck expansion.
Fagenson does praise multiple dishes, even those less French than their names indicate such as an octopus dish "more reminiscent of Spain than France," that is still "executed flawlessly." On a less positive note, the critic worries the Pubbelly team's dishes "don't get past 2010;" "What made Pubbelly exciting in the beginning was how it changed the formula. Let's hope growing up doesn't mean the Pubbelly Boys won't be able to change their own." [SO]

"Reclaimed wood and brick, Edison bulbs, tufted leather booths, small plates, and an emphasis on "craft" seem to be the main ingredients for a trendy restaurant these days.
Beauty & the Feast ... has all of the above," writes food critic Sara Ventiera after pointing out the eatery wants to "lure locals back to the beach." Praising multiple dishes, including whole or half roasted pig she calls "the grand prize" of the menu, "must try" crispy chicken sliders and a white clam pizza, Ventiera concludes the eatery "seems to have what it takes to attract Broward residents back to the beach." [CPC]
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