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Is Miami Getting a Nutella Bar?


Chocolate crazed people, brace yourselves. According to their website, a new Nutella bar called Nutelleria (that's first opening up in New York) might be coming to Miami. The FAQ portion on their site teases "a little inside scoop is that our real estate agent has his eye on a little spot in Miami, Florida but you didn't hear that from us." Eater National writes that the shop "will serve the chocolate hazelnut spread in even more ways than the Eataly shop, including on breakfast pizza, rolled into fruity 'burritos,' and on Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwiches." Know anything about this new spot heading over to the Magic City? Or feel like expressing your sheer joy at the prospect of eating said Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwich? Write us via the always open tipline or drop your intel in the comments.
· Nutella 'Enthusiasts' Plan Nutelleria in Park Slope [EN]
· Nutelleria [Official Website]

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