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Meatless Miami Spice; Steak 954's Fall Cocktails

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Photo Courtesy of Steak 954

FORT LAUDERDALE — To welcome fall (can't say we're sorry to see summer go either), Stephen Starr's Steak 954 is launching a bunch of new cocktails, 12 of them to be exact. They'll be available during brunch, lunch and dinner, so drink up whenever. [EaterWire]

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS — With all this Miami Spice excitement,everyone forgets about those who can't take full advantage of all these ridiculously good deals: vegetarians and especially vegans. Non-meat eaters will be pleased to find a round-up of how and where to enjoy Miami Spice with Short Order's "Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Miami Spice." [SO]

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS — People who happen to be both Dunkin' Donut fans and Miami residents, you'll be pleased to know that your favorite doughnut/coffee chain's debuted a new line of smoothies. Exclusively in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. [EaterWire]