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Get a First Look at Jalapeño's Menu Before it Opens

Photo Courtesy of Jalapeño

Ocean Drive's new eatery makes its debut Monday, September 15, but before Jalapeño Mexican Kitchen opens its doors, get a first peek at what you'll be eating once they do roll out the guacamole. The menu's a huge two pages chockfull of classic items like tacos, burritos and fajitas, a few Cuban options, salads and burgers. And, as the team promised when they first announced their upcoming restaurant, they've kept prices pretty decent, especially considering the area's infamously rip-off-ish ways. Check out the menu below:

Menu Jalapeño 8,5x11-PRINT-02.jpg
Menu Jalapeño 8,5x11-PRINT-01.jpg

Jalapeño Mexican Kitchen

530 Ocean Drive, Miami